A Simple and Effective Marketing Guide for Contractors

As a contractor do you ever feel confused about what marketing strategies are the right ones for you?

Or do you already have a lot of work on your plate, and you’re less concerned about marketing right now because you don’t really have the capacity to take on more work?

You know you should keep marketing but…

If you said yes to either of these questions, you’re not alone.

In this week’s video, you’ll discover some little-known tips and tricks for controlling lead flow and identifying the right approach for attracting your ideal clients…

My interview with Spencer Powell with Builder Funnel and host of the Builder Funnel Radio is an expert on this topic, and as a former contractor, he intimately understands the challenges you are facing – probably better than any marketing company out there!

In this timely interview, Spencer clarifies exactly how to navigate these issues, and provides a clear path that will give you the knowledge and confidence to market your construction business, smarter and more effectively!

At the end, Spencer shares this great tool for being able to evaluate your website performance – it’s a VERY cool tool! Check it out.