And now, begin.

Last week when I was faced with either putting time into writing, or analyzing some data I’d compiled to help me plan for 2017, my brain instantly wanted to do the analysis.  I laughed at myself in the moment – I it was like a kid going after the bright shiny object.  You see, analyzing is easy for me.  I thrive on figuring out complex number problems.  Writing, on the other hand, takes effort and concentration. I second guess myself: will what I’m writing make sense to the reader? Is it too detailed?  Have I gotten lost in the weeds? Not so with analysis.  That I know how to do.

This got me thinking about why people struggle with implementing change in their businesses.  Even when someone believes something is important (writing the book is a VERY important goal for me, one which I am completely committed to), they often put off doing the work on it.  As I looked at my own struggle I realized it had to do with my resistance to being a beginner. I find it frustrating and uncomfortable when I’m not sure exactly where or how to begin.  At fifty-seven years old, it’s very challenging to be in this place of being a beginner.  And as much as I want to be a better writer, I sometimes wonder if I have what it takes to really do it.  Do I have the endurance, intelligence and capability to master these skills?

When I thought about it more, I realized that, being a beginner makes me feel as if I am not enough. I start second guessing and not trusting myself. Had I not stopped and noticed what I was doing, I would have rushed off to do the analysis, and the writing would have been put off another day.  It’s not to say that when I sat down to write I knew how to make all those words captivating, nor was I certain that it was not too detailed. But I knew that if I simply kept avoiding it, I would never find out if I could write a book.  I had to begin.

I’ve asked a lot of successful writers to suggest the best approach to getting a book done and they all say that I just need to write.  Like learning to ride a bike, cook, or build something, the more I do it, the better I’ll get.  The same is true for all of us.

So I invite you to stop putting off that thing you really want to do, and/or to try something new for a change. It doesn’t matter that you’re not an expert. Over time you will get better; but only if you put in the time. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing. It’s okay to be a beginner. And it’s even okay to fail. Trust me – I’ve written a lot of crap!  I’m still a work in progress when it comes to writing, but I’ve decided that’s okay. After all, I’m still a beginner.

Make it an extraordinary day!



Author of forthcoming book “The Simple Truths of Business” Your key to amazing success!

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  1. Shari Dunn

    Hi, Vicki,

    Thanks for the inspiration! My book has been put off for too long, as well.

    Best wishes to you,

    Shari Dunn

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