Avoiding Conflict is a No-Win Decision (Part 4 of 5)

You know when people are “stepping around” the real issues and not being direct. It doesn’t serve anyone when someone does that – as we saw with Joe and Fred.

Responsibility is the ability to respond. It is NOT shame, blame, or fault. To practice open, honest communication, you have to be willing to take responsibility for the communication first, and then be willing to be genuine, real, and truthful in that communication. By the way, honest and truthful does NOT mean bludgeoning the other person with blame. It does mean speaking what is true for you while at the same time taking responsibility for it being your experience, and knowing that it may not necessarily be fact. Added benefit? People trust you more when you have open, honest, and direct communication with them.

Joe stepped up the plate and implemented the steps I outlined in blog post 3. Immediately, he and Fred began to communicate better and more openly. Each had a better understand of where the other was coming from, Joe demonstrated his leadership and gained Fred’s respect, and Fred came to appreciate why Joe’s changes were necessary for the long-term success of the company.

Check back next week for the final post in the series.

As a business consultant and coach for more than 20 years, Vicki has helped hundreds of companies realize an appreciable, sustainable business growth and increased profits. She works with owners and managers to create alignment in teams and to build “cultures of accountability” – a key for building a sustainably successful company! As a business coach, Vicki’s straightforward style helps business owners and managers maintain clarity and focus on what they need to do to reach their goals.