Avoiding Conflict is a No-Win Decision (Part 5 of 5)

If you have been following the March blogs, you have discovered why avoiding conflict is a no-win decision. Joe and Fred found a way of discussing their differences and reaching an agreement that was comfortable and acceptable for both.

Joe had to deal with Fred, who was burdened by a long list of unresolved issues and delayed conversations, but you don’t have to! Start out with small conversations, particularly if the subject is difficult, and work your way up to big conversations. Doing so will build trust and connection with the people in ways that are meaningful and profound. Joe discovered this once he began talking with Fred.

To recap the steps Joe took:

  1. Joe met with Fred and outlined where he planned to take the company
  2. Joe asked for and listened to Fred’s feedback.
  3. Since Fred was not showing up to planned meetings, Joe let him know that the meetings were mandatory and his presence was critical to the their success. They coordinated meeting times with Fred’s schedule.
  4. Joe asked Fred about his concerns and issues.
  5. Joe took responsibility for his own part in the communication gap.

The more willing you are to have open and honest exchanges, the more trust you build and the easier it will be to implement change. By the way–this is useful everywhere in your life–not just business!

As a business consultant and coach for more than 20 years, Vicki has helped hundreds of companies realize an appreciable, sustainable business growth and increased profits. She works with owners and managers to create alignment in teams and to build “cultures of accountability” – a key for building a sustainably successful company! As a business coach, Vicki’s straightforward style helps business owners and managers maintain clarity and focus on what they need to do to reach their goals.