Begin at the end…

What do you want to create in 2015? Often when we consider this question we begin with the “stuff” we want to do. The problem is that if we don’t have a destination of where we want to end up, we often don’t accomplish those things.  We lose focus, and momentum.  We lack clarity about the “for the sake of what I am doing this.”  Setting a clear vision and goal gives us clarity about the destination, and focus for staying on track.  So what is your vision for 2015?

Imagine it’s January 2016, and you’re reflecting back on 2015.  What have you accomplished? What new ground have you taken? What changes have you made that have generated a positive impact on your bottom line, or your life, or the lives of those you care about? What financial goals have you accomplished? What innovative ideas did you implemented? What problems or challenges did you overcome?  What was your overall experience?

Write it down.  A goal between your ears is simply a good idea.  It has been proven that when we write our goals down, they become more meaningful and gain a greater velocity, and have a better chance of actually coming to fruition.

Like planning a trip, having a destination is the first step.  Knowing where we’re headed gives us more clarity and confidence to plan better and get the results we desire.

Wishing you much success in 2015!