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recruiting best practices (in a post-pandemic economy)

Construction contractors it’s time to address the elephant in the remodeled room……

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Three Part Succession Planning Mini-Series: Part 1 – How to Get your contracting business ready to sell

Looking to sell or transition out of your construction contracting business? Discover…

Ed Earl provides workable solution for managing emotional and challenging clients

Have you ever found yourself wanting to shout out loud – “JUST…

what the Grand Canyon taught me…

As I watch with bated breath and a bit of anxious concern…

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The Profit Bleed book coverKeeping a contracting business alive is a tough job. You work hard to be successful.

If you’re like a lot of contractors, you may feel like your business is just one job away from failure. And the more work you take on, the riskier it feels!  How does that happen? Where does all the money go?

That’s The Profit Bleed.

This book shows you how to STOP THE BLEEDING — and gives you the RESOURCES to guarantee your company thrives.


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