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How to Charge for Pre-Construction Services

As he sat down across from me, I asked Josh “how have things been going this past month?”

“Last week I submitted the fourth bid to a client who has an incomplete set of plans and is not clear on exactly what they want.  This whole thing of helping people figure out what they want to design, and what it will take to build it, while simultaneously asking me to bid and re-bid, and NOT getting paid for it is making us crazy!”

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De-Mystifying Online Marketing – And the ONE thing you can easily do create a stronger online presence

If you’re like me, the whole world of online marketing can often feel very confusing and daunting.  This week in my interview with my friend and colleague Joleen Emery she de-mystified social media marketing in a really lovely way.  In the process, she also helped me understand some key areas where we could improve our “digital footprint” as she calls it (this is explained in the video).

Joleen talked about how to get more people calling us, and how to get our business to show up on the first three pages when someone does a Google search – without paying for ad space!

No cost and no confusion marketing – who doesn’t love that?

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Project Schedules that Make You Money!

When three different clients told me about Robin and his brilliance around making money in scheduling, I knew I needed to interview him for my blog.  And I’m so glad I did.

For over 30 years Robin Beauchamp has been increasing profitability on his projects by employing an approach to scheduling that has been key to getting teams to stray focused, subs to show up when needed, clients to make decisions quicker, and design teams to stay on track.

In my interview, Robin shared how he keeps project teams aligned on goals, delivering on promises, and working as a cohesive team.  And he does it without having to cajole, threaten or throw anyone under the bus. 

Listen to today’s video blog and learn how you can make your projects flow more smoothly, and have your schedule make you more money!

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Hiring The Best / Maximizing Margins

If you ever hired someone who didn’t work out in the job, and not sure where you went wrong, you’ll want to watch this week’s video.

If you want to know the secret to increasing your profit margins, then you want to watch this week’s video.

Jared Gossett has been a successful builder for many years, and a while back started a radio podcast that is all about helping Builders and Remodelers take their businesses to the next level.  When Jared asked me to be a guest on his Building Optimal Radio show and talk about best practices around hiring and managing profit margins, I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with someone else passionate about helping contractors build successful businesses.

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8 Strategies to help you find great employees

The one thing every manager and leader I know can agree on is that it’s tough to find good people to hire these days.  Particularly in construction – an industry that doesn’t seem to hold much interest for younger people.

In this weeks video blog I share with you 8 ways to find qualified candidates, and tips that can help you “think outside of the box.”  At the end of the video I even share with you a special resource that will help you get other people to help you find great candidates too – at no cost to you.

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Managing Emotional or Challenging Clients

Often while doing an initial check-in with clients as our meetings begin, I hear tales of challenging projects.  Almost always they involve an emotional or indecisive homeowner, or a demanding client. It usually comes down to the contractor wishing the client would just trust them, let them do their job, and for heaven’s sake, just pick out what tile you want – otherwise this kitchen will never get finished!

While talking with my friend Ed Earl (affectionately known as the Zen Builder) about his approach to managing clients, I instantly thought – “gosh, my clients and followers could get huge value from hearing Ed’s approach to managing client relationships.” 

That day he shared with me his approach to circumventing those challenges. That conversation is what inspired me to interview Ed for this blog post. 

In the video Ed shares with us his strategies for understanding and managing the client relationship.  He provides some powerful insights that will help you AND your client have a better experience in the construction process. At the end of the video, Ed also shares a resource that will definitely help you create a better “win-win” on your next project!

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2 Simple ways to get staff to take more ownership

One of the key complaints I hear from managers and leaders is that their staff don’t take ownership. This challenge seems to be universal as evidence in a survey I did recently where 72% of respondents said they struggled with this very issue. 

In this week’s blog, my guest Sonja Stetzler shared with me two simple things managers and leaders can do to get their teams to take more ownership.  At the end of the blog, she even provides a simple “cheat sheet”  you can use.

Hope you find this 20-minute video helpful in supporting you on your leadership journey.


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What Stops You?

This week I caught myself in the mental loop of “ya-buts”.  You know, the little voice in our head that paralyzes us from taking action.  That voice that runs through the litany of things that make us second guess, not trust ourselves, and then . . . hesitate. 

And stop.

In today’s video, I share with you the question I asked myself that helped me get back into action.

Maybe it will help you too the next time you feel stuck in inaction.

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The real reason employees lack ownership…

Some of the most common complaints I hear from business owners and managers is, “It’s tough to find good people to work for me!” and, “people just don’t take ownership of their job!”

You may think the problem is all because of a labor shortage, or that people lack motivation or a good work ethic, but it may be something else.

This is what I talk about in today’s video blog. Enjoy!

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I stopped doing this, and it made me less effective…

For the past few months, the topic of social media has been nagging at me. It’s something I know I need to pay more attention to. Not just because it’s a “should” but because I know that if I’m going to accomplish my goals, I’ve got to get better at what I’m doing in that arena.

Each week I move the “gotta address” list of social media issues from one place to another on my desk, promising myself that I’ll get back to it.  Daily I think to myself “I’ve got to sit down with that list and make a plan.”

That nagging feeling and angst of uncertainty occupies a lot of space in my brain, and always has me wondering “am I going to completely blow it if I don’t do something with this stuff soon?”

Today while meeting with my VA (virtual assistant) Dortha who handles my social media, it suddenly became clear to me what the real problem is. 

About three months ago I stopped meeting with her on our every other week schedule.  We used to meet every two weeks, and when we did, we had an agenda and a list of projects we were working to move forward. 

Without the meetings, those projects didn’t go away. And while we were communicating via email, there was always these pieces that just didn’t get addressed.  Those pieces I kept in my head and kept carrying around on that piece of paper.

Today as we were talking, this sense of clarity and certainty about what we need to do next became completely evident.  My angst and worry subsided, and I felt like we were back on the same page.  

It was clear that our stopping our meetings made me, and her, less effective in what we are doing.  And it caused me to let that “list” to occupy much too much of my mental time and energy.

As we ended our meeting we set our next meeting for two weeks.  I knew that this was the key to my being more effective in this area of my business, and was reminded that when I have a consistent set of practices for managing results with my team, communication flows better, I have more peace of mind, and we get more stuff done!

Recently my friend Josh Patrick invited me to be a guest on his podcast, and on it, I talk more about how to create a consistent set of practices around managing for results, or as the title of the interview says, “Top Down Management.” 

It’s a quick listen, so go check it out.

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