Building Accountability Into the Culture – Key 2

Key 2 – Manage to objectives by being clear, direct and assertive rather than confrontational or aggressive.

key2People naturally want to do a good job. They want feedback when they are and when they are not performing to expectations. If someone is not doing their job satisfactorily, you must address it with them. This builds credibility and accountability in the business environment. When you are honest and direct with people about the facts of their performance, they are more likely to respect and trust you as a leader.

  • After you have agreement from each staff member on his or her specific roles, responsibilities and terms of fulfillment, your team members know where their performance stands at all times.
  • Give employees regular feedback on how well they are doing. Meet with each employee one-on-one and focus on the agreements in the job description that you both created. This will make your job easier because now you are the “manager,” not a “taskmaster,” using a whip to get employees to perform!
  • Be objective about what is and what is not working and describe the situation unemotionally and objectively. This makes it easier for employees to hear your feedback.
  • Focus your conversation on what you want the employee to do, using the agreements in the job description, rather than what you don’t want the employee to do.

Anger puts people on the defensive, so if you or the employee is emotionally charged, a “cooling” off period is needed before discussing performance. Honest and frank conversations with people build trust and good long-term relationships.

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