Building Accountability Into the Culture – Key 3

key3Key 3 – Implement tactics that successful companies have used to transform their businesses by building a culture that promotes accountability!

  • Create a system to manage results with staff on a weekly basis. Track specific results using their job description and any promises made at meetings.
  • Hold people accountable for the agreements they make; this includes holding yourself accountable. Often, the biggest problem with lack of accountability in an organization originates at the top with an owner or manager who breaks agreements: being late to meetings, cancelling meetings, or simply saying they will do something and then not doing it. This erodes credibility and trust and lowers the bar for how people will behave.
  • Keep minutes for every meeting. Track each action, who is accountable, and when it will be accomplished. Re-visit those agreements at the start of the next meeting.
  • Don’t abdicate; instead, delegate and manage. This sets up everyone to win. If employees wanted to be their own bosses, they would be.
  • Provide honest and direct feedback on what is working, what is not working, and what needs to be different. You will feel better, and people will respect you more for it.

Come back next Monday for Key 4—the Golden Key!