Building Accountability Into the Culture – Key 4

key4Key 4 – The GOLDEN KEY – ALWAYS acknowledge and celebrate successes!!!

Organizations that practice direct and honest feedback build stronger managers and leaders. When employees hold one another accountable for their actions and agreements, you can build a culture of trust and respect. This is vitally important to long-term your success as a business.  Reinforce your new culture by holding people responsible and by recognizing them when they do. Reward the performance you want to cultivate and use the keys to change performance that doesn’t measure up.

When you build a culture that promotes accountability, you don’t have to “micromanage” your team. In fact, you can be away from the business more because things continue to function well without you having to be “in the office” every day. By practicing the keys in this four-part series, you can build a culture where your employees take responsibility for their actions and produce more consistent results. This is the key for sustainable success!

Changing a culture requires consistent, persistent and committed action. Be willing to hang in there until it simply becomes “the way you do business!”

One of the best books I’ve read that speaks to the topic of building a culture of accountability is Good to Great by Jim Collins. A must-read for any business owner or manager who is interested in building sustainable success!