can you trust that person you’re about to hire?

Now that you have decided you want to hire that candidate; how do you confirm that what they put on their resume is true? And how do you make sure that if that person is in a finance position, you can trust them with your money?

In today’s video, I share with you a proven system for verifying a candidate’s background. This system is one used by many head-hunters and is one that can save you a lot of cost and aggravation down the road should you find out they cannot be trusted.

In this 8-minute video get the steps to help you have the peace of mind that the hire your about to make is the right one.



Vicki Suiter helps people see their businesses differently, then gives them the tools to do things differently.  Since beginning her business in 1990, Vicki has helped hundreds of contractors achieve the kind of success they never dreamed possible. Today, in addition to consulting, Vicki is an in-demand speaker at industry conferences nationally and internationally. Vicki’s articles and opinions have been widely shared in print and across the web. She is also the author of the book “The Profit Bleed” How managing margin can save your contracting business.

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