Clarity + Confidence = Control

It was a simple question… “How’s your year going?” As I watched his expression change and heard the strain in Bob’s voice as he spoke, the angst was palpable.

“Nearly a whole month of not being able to work on projects, and a slow start back, with unexpected setbacks dictated by circumstances out of my control, has taken its toll,” he said slowly.  His eyes reflected defeat.  As we talked it was evident Bob felt a lack of control in his business.

Almost every business owner I’ve talked with over the past two months can relate to this experience at some level. 

What Bob and I talked about that day, and that I talk about with all my clients, is how do you gain more control in your business in a time when outside circumstances are dictating the rules? How do you get clear so you can be confident in knowing what right actions to take?

The answer always comes down to one simple thing – know your numbers.

Last week at the end of a meeting with my client Joyce, she shared this… “my life has been completely transformed in the past few years. I no longer live in worry and wonder.  I no longer fret whether there will be enough money in the bank, or if I’ll meet my revenue goals.  I never feel like I’m not in control because I have the right feedback and numbers that let me know where I stand.  Even if I’m off course, at least I know how big or small the gap is.  I have certainty and confidence in what I’m doing in ways I never had before.”

That is why you want to know your numbers.

Whether you want to understand why your bank account balance isn’t higher, how to plan for the future, how to sell more work, or how to increase profitability, the answer begins with knowing your numbers.

Today’s video is a replay of an interview I did on Remodelers on The Rise Podcast with Kyle Hunt.  In this video, I talk about key numbers to know that will let you get more clarity and control over your business and your life.  If the idea of having more peace of mind and more clarity, confidence, and control in your business sounds appealing to you, watch this video.


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You may find my article “Beyond Breakeven” a good tool to help you know your numbers better when your pricing.