Completion = Clarity and Confidence

Today a client walked into my office and said “I can’t start 2015 until I finish what I said I would do in 2014, so my new year end is now Jan 31st.” While you might think this actually made him feel better, he was anything but happy. In fact, his entire demeanor was sullen, and sad with a sense of being defeated.  It was clear he was doing a pretty good job of making himself wrong and beating himself up for what he hadn’t gotten done. While the goal of our meeting was to start planning for 2015, I knew that I needed to help him get clear and complete with 2014 first.  We began by going over his list of wins and successes for the year. I then asked him to write down on a sheet of paper all the key words that related to what didn’t get done, regrets, disappointments, anything that he wanted to leave behind.  I then asked him to write down at the bottom “I forgive myself.” I then had him take that piece of paper and burnt it.  As the last of the sheet burned, his entire physiology changed – he was lighter, the tension was gone, and he beamed a big smile. Relieved. Clear. Confident. Ready to begin anew.

As you begin this year, do you have anything you still need to let go of or forgive yourself for? I invite you to do so now – let yourself off the hook and begin anew.

This post was going to be about planning for 2015, however, I think I’m going to stop here.  Tomorrow I will pick up with tips on planning, for now, I simply ask “what do you still need to let go of to be complete with 2014?”



Clarity + Confidence = Success


  1. Charles Ragen

    Happy New Year Vicki
    I’m in agreement.
    Be impeccable in my word.
    Don’t take anything personally.
    Don’t make any assumptions.
    Always do my best.
    Forgive myself.

    • Vicki Suiter

      Love it Charlie! I have a card of the “Four Agreements” as you have outlined here posted on my monitor – look at it every day. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

      • Charles

        Way to spot the immediate source, Vicki. I’m sure it’s ancient wisdom of course and stems from the Golden Rule which We’ve always strived to follow in business.