contractors – don’t make this costly mistake

​We’ve all been there, underestimating the hours a job will take and leaving ourselves short on profit.

But the real danger comes when you don’t even know how much your employees are really costing you.

Without knowing the true cost, you’ll never be able to accurately set your markups, and that’s a quick way to blaze your way toward financial chaos.

But fear not – gaining clarity on your true costs is the key to unlocking sustainable growth for your contracting business, and that’s what today’s blog is all about!

Taking the right steps now can help you ensure those unexpected costs don’t come back and truly bite you in the future.

Put trust in the data that’s available to you by calculating your real labor costs, to have the right cost basis when bidding. Don’t let profitability slip through your fingers!

Watch this video and then go download your FREE labor cost calculator.  Watch to the end where you can get another amazing FREE offer that will provide you with a ton of great tools and resources to help you grow and thrive as a contractor!