contractors who charge for Pre-Construction Services earn higher profits (here’s how)

​Not charging for Pre-Construction services is costing you a ridiculous amount of time and money…

Yeah, but Vicki, all my competitors offer FREE estimates, so if I start charging for those Pre-Construction services, I won’t sell as many jobs!

Not true!

In fact, statistics show that contractors who put a value on their Pre-Construction services not only save a ton of time but also earn higher profits and end up working with better caliber clients… and in today’s video, I’m going to prove it.

While I appreciate that making a bold change like this in your business can seem a bit confusing or scary, it’s one that I’ve seen over and over that can make a HUGE improvement in the overall success of your construction projects and your bottom line!

Today’s special guest is David Davison of Realty Restoration, Inc.  David takes a completely different approach on how to do pre-construction agreements. David removes the guesswork and shares the ins and outs of how he implements them into his own design-build firm with tremendous success.

Click the link below to gain an insider’s perspective of how David navigates this conversation with the client, and how he justifies the costs in a practical and grounded way, to get more YESSES (and how you-can-too)!

To help you implement Pre-Construction services, David was generous enough to share with us the Pre-Construction Agreement Realty Restoration, Inc. uses in their business.  A super valuable offer – thank you, David!


  1. Todd Lockie

    Thank you, Vickie, and thank you, David! I appreciate the great information and wisdom posted here. We are going to incorporate Davids’s pre-construction agreement into ours.

    Good stuff!

    • Vicki Suiter

      Glad you found this helpful Todd!