Control Your Business So It Doesn’t Control You

When business is moving fast, and you’re working hard to just keep up, it can feel like you are not in control.  But you don’t want to drop any balls that your juggling.  Because if you do, it may actually get worse. 

While it can feel like that is your only choice, I’m here to tell you  – there IS something you can do to have more control, that doesn’t involve you just working hard, or more hours.

The one thing that always gives us more control is information. Information gives us…

Clarity so we can have…
More Confidences, so we can take…
Powerful actions

Today’s video is an interview I did with Devon Tilly, host of the podcast, Art of Construction.  In this interview, Devon starts out by asking me…

“How do you see contractors are being controlled by their business?” – what a great question!

As you watch and listen, here are a few questions to ask yourself…

What DO I know and how can I get even more clarity?
How CAN I plan for the unknown?
What choices DO I have now?




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