Done for you marketing – with Kyle Hunt

When your super busy, it’s hard to think about marketing.  You know you “should” but who has time? 

And, with all the choices for how you could be marketing – social media, networking, sending postcards, etc. – which is the right one to choose? How do you know which one will have the greatest return?  It’s often this question that keeps us from doing any marketing.

The problem is this – when you don’t market when your busy here’s what happens…, after the current flood of work is over, you start to panic, you begin marketing like crazy, work comes in, you get busy, you stop marketing, and then work stops, you panic, then you market like crazy – and the cycle continues.

I call this the “roller coaster” of being in the contracting industry.

Last month while I was talking with my friend Kyle Hunt with Remodel Your Marketing, he had some great tips for helping remodelers (and any business) know how to focus on a few key things you can do easily and naturally to “prime the marketing pump.”

This blog post is a video of me interviewing Kyle as he explains what those few tips are. 

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p.s. make sure to watch the video to the end – Kyle offers some great resources that can help you implement the ideas he shares.

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