finding more ease in running your contracting business

As a contractor have you ever experienced that low level of angst and worry about how to maintain control over your business? And have you ever found yourself not being able to let go of work, even when you’re not working?

I get it – I lived with a painting contractor for years who operated from that place. The stress on him and our family was tough.

It was when Bill and I began brainstorming ways for him to know how he could stop worrying and let go of work when he wasn’t working that the answer became clear, and he started having more peace and ease in how he runs his business.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how I helped Bill and hundreds of other contractors over the past 25 years, change all that. You’ll discover one of the keys to having less angst and worry, and how to have more peace of mind and ease in running your contracting business.