“Hiring Right” mini-series for Contractors – Part 1 of 6 (Avoid this Common Mistake)

Contractors and Remodelers, tell me if you can relate…

Your company is growing, (and so is the pressure and stress) so you start looking to find good talent to hire.

You beat the bushes and find what you think will be a great addition to your team…

After spending a lot of time and energy getting your new hire up to speed you come to realize that while the person was helpful, they really didn’t take as much pressure or stress off your plate as you had hoped.

…Maybe you feel like it’s time to take the leap and make a big hire within your company, but you’re just not quite sure which is the right position to fill.

A common mistake made by busy contractors when it comes time to hire is forgetting to first take personal inventory.

It’s so important to first assess where YOU are as an owner or manager and how and where you are spending your valuable time.

The first thing you want to ask yourself is: Where is the best place for you to be spending your time, in order to bring the most value to your business?

It’s within those areas you want to consider making your next hire because that is where you and your company will benefit the most. Today’s short video focuses on a simple and effective way to make that vital assessment, so you can confidently know the right person to hire.