“Hiring Right” mini-series for Contractors – Part 2 of 6 (Clarity Helps You Hire Better)

If you’ve owned your contracting business for any length of time, you have no doubt been on this disheartening adventure…

…You spend the time and effort finding and hiring someone you thought was the right fit for an important role in your company, only to discover shortly after they start, they were not!

Don’t worry, I’m not judging, it happens to the best of us. 😊

You see, the problem, in part, is due to a lack of clarity about WHO the right person for the job truly is.

That’s because we often mistakenly believe that a “job title” means the same thing in every company.

Spoiler alert – IT DOES NOT!

You may be asking, “Is there a way to be clear and confident about WHO the right person to hire is BEFORE you even begin the interview process?

The short answer is, YES, and in part 2 of my 6-part “Hiring Right” mini-series for contractors, I show you how doing one simple thing before you begin your next search will greatly stack the odds in your favor of hiring a more skilled and qualified employee.

Click the link below to watch the video and gain a boost of confidence in your hiring process.