“Hiring Right” mini-series for Contractors – Part 3 of 6 (Proven Phone Screening Process Weeds Out the Time Wasters…)

Okay, contractors and construction business owners, be honest…

How often throughout your career have you invested time interviewing someone, only to realize when it was all said and done, you’d just wasted hours of your valuable time?

It’s a common problem that happens far too often.

Well, after having that same dreadful experience myself years ago, (and never want to repeat it ever again), I decided to create a foolproof phone screening process, that lets you quickly and confidently identify whether the prospective candidate is worth interviewing in person or not.

It’s a massive time saver and confidence booster, and I want to share it with you!

In part 3 of my 6-part “Hiring Right” mini-series for contractors, you’ll discover my simple, proven steps and easy-to-follow outline, which will help you save time by screening out candidates that are NOT a good fit before you interview them.

If you’re interested in the entire suite of tools, including a phone screening checklist, and interview questions, check out my course – Contractors Hiring Blueprint where you’ll get training videos, checklists, and resources for finding and recruiting, and onboarding great employees!