“Hiring Right” mini-series for Contractors – Part 4 of 6 (No-Fail Interview Questions to Ensure Candidate is a Right Fit…)

Hiring the wrong person for an important position within your contracting company can be a frustrating and costly mistake.

Unfortunately, it happens far too often in the construction industry.

Many tradesmen spit-shine their written applications to make their skill level sound much better than they really are.

It’s not until you’ve already hired them that you realize they don’t have the skillset their resume or application reflected!

The problem, in most cases, comes down to interviewing techniques that don’t reveal if a candidate’s skills actually meet your needs.

In part 4 of my 6-part “Hiring Right” mini-series for contractors, you’ll discover my field-tested approach to becoming a great interviewer.

Watch today’s video to discover the little-known secrets great interviewers use to gain clarity and confidence, so you can begin to hire the right people for the right positions, without second-guessing yourself.