How to Close More Sales

Do you ever find yourself in a cycle of tirelessly bidding projects only to watch them go to someone else? This scenario is all too familiar for contractors trying to grow their business and close more sales, creating a sense of frustration that is hard to shake off.

After a rich conversation with Kristen Farris, an expert Sales Trainer, I’ve gleaned insights into why this pattern emerges and how you can break free from it.

Beyond the Outcome

It might sound almost paradoxical, but detaching from the outcome of each bid can be a liberating mindset shift that propels you toward closing more sales The heart of the matter isn’t about viewing sales as a series of wins or losses but about looking at them as a collaborative process, where you build trust and confidence with the prospective buyer. True sales success comes from working alongside your buyer, asking the right questions, and crafting solutions that offer mutual benefits.

Building Trust Through Understanding

Transitioning to a collaborative approach begins with a simple, yet profound question: “How can I help?” While this may seem obvious, there is a nuance to starting with what isn’t working and letting your prospect dig into the problem, well before you ever try to solve it. Helping you AND them clearly understand their pain can change the entire trajectory of the conversation. This shift not only clarifies the client’s vision but also instills confidence in your commitment to their success.

Envisioning the Impact

And then BEFORE you attempt to solve that problem, it is essential to ask the next set of questions about what will it look and FEEL like when it’s working better. By helping your clients envision the impact of your services on their life you are helping them have more clarity. You’re not just selling your service; it’s about selling the transformation that services will bring. By asking questions that help your clients visualize the future state in that space, you are building trust and confidence.

A New Approach to Selling

Watch the video and hear more about how to frame your questions in powerful ways that can help you hone your sales process, become the contractor of choice, and ultimately, close more sales.

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