getting project teams to ALL take ownership

As a contractor, it can be maddening when the plans and drawings you got from the design team are not fully fleshed out, and yet, the client expects you to bid and deliver the project on time and on budget. It can be tricky to navigate through that lack of detail without throwing anyone under the bus, sounding like a whiner, or being seen as not being a team player.

For over two decades my guest Jenny Rios has been finding ways to overcome this problem from the architect’s side, contractors’ side, and homeowners’ side. The result? Projects where the entire project team all take ownership of the results in creative and collaborative ways.

This 15-minute interview with Jenny, and the free resource she offers, will give you solid tools to help you overcome this challenge. You’ll learn how to get the entire project team to have more trust, collaborate and take ownership.



p.s. Get Jenny’s “Signal Pricing Tool” template and start getting the entire project team to own the results of your projects with amazing collaboration!