how to know WHO you’re hiring for

hire word bubble

Have you ever wished the caliber of person you hired was more skilled and better qualified at the job you hired them for? If yes, you’re not alone – most leaders have experienced this at some point in their hiring careers.  Often part of the problem is a lack of clarity about WHO you’re actually hiring for.  We often think that a job title means the same thing in every company.  It does not.

So, how do you know who you’re hiring for before you even begin interviewing, and never have this happen again?

In today’s video, I show you how doing one simple thing before you begin your next search will stack the odds in your favor of hiring a more skilled and qualified employee. Just like a well-run project begins with pre-planning, this is also true of hiring.

Listen to this 8-minute video to get the simple steps and outline to help you plan for your next hire.