how to not waste time interviewing the wrong person (3 of 6 in the “Hiring Right” series)

Have you ever spent a few hours interviewing someone only to realize at the end you’d wasted valuable time? In this 3rd of the 6 part Hiring Right series, I share with you a way to screen for the right fit BEFORE you even consider scheduling a full-on interview.

It was from having this experience myself that I produced a phone screening process that lets you quickly identify if the candidate is worth interviewing in person or not. This process takes about 10 minutes and is guaranteed to save you time in your recruiting process.

In this video, you’ll get the simple steps and outline to help you screen out candidates that are NOT a right fit before you interview them.

Stay tuned for video 4 of 6 in my “Hiring Right” series where I share the secret to being great at interviewing.