I stopped doing this, and it made me less effective…

For the past few months, the topic of social media has been nagging at me. It’s something I know I need to pay more attention to. Not just because it’s a “should” but because I know that if I’m going to accomplish my goals, I’ve got to get better at what I’m doing in that arena.

Each week I move the “gotta address” list of social media issues from one place to another on my desk, promising myself that I’ll get back to it.  Daily I think to myself “I’ve got to sit down with that list and make a plan.”

That nagging feeling and angst of uncertainty occupies a lot of space in my brain, and always has me wondering “am I going to completely blow it if I don’t do something with this stuff soon?”

Today while meeting with my VA (virtual assistant) Dortha who handles my social media, it suddenly became clear to me what the real problem is. 

About three months ago I stopped meeting with her on our every other week schedule.  We used to meet every two weeks, and when we did, we had an agenda and a list of projects we were working to move forward. 

Without the meetings, those projects didn’t go away. And while we were communicating via email, there was always these pieces that just didn’t get addressed.  Those pieces I kept in my head and kept carrying around on that piece of paper.

Today as we were talking, this sense of clarity and certainty about what we need to do next became completely evident.  My angst and worry subsided, and I felt like we were back on the same page.  

It was clear that our stopping our meetings made me, and her, less effective in what we are doing.  And it caused me to let that “list” to occupy much too much of my mental time and energy.

As we ended our meeting we set our next meeting for two weeks.  I knew that this was the key to my being more effective in this area of my business, and was reminded that when I have a consistent set of practices for managing results with my team, communication flows better, I have more peace of mind, and we get more stuff done!

Recently my friend Josh Patrick invited me to be a guest on his podcast, and on it, I talk more about how to create a consistent set of practices around managing for results, or as the title of the interview says, “Top Down Management.” 

It’s a quick listen, so go check it out.

Do you have a set of practices for managing effectively with your team? Please share your top two most important practices for managing for results with your team. Or, reach out to me on LinkedIn or Facebook and tell me.  

Make it a great day!



Vicki Suiter helps people see their businesses differently, then gives them the tools to do things differently.  Since beginning her business in 1990, Vicki has helped hundreds of contractors achieve the kind of success they never dreamed possible. Today, in addition to consulting, Vicki is an in-demand speaker at industry conferences nationally and internationally. Vicki’s articles and opinions have been widely shared in print and across the web. She is also the author of the book “The Profit Bleed” How managing margin can save your contracting business.