lead lull: a familiar echo

Are you feeling that quiet dread? The one that whispers about fewer leads and uncertain income next year? It’s a common echo in the halls of the construction industry, where the hustle and bustle should never quiet down.

But when it does, that silence can be deafening—and paralyzing.

The Nagging Worry You’re not alone if you’re experiencing that persistent, nagging worry. It’s like an unwanted guest in your daily routine, taking up space, making itself at home. This feeling is not a mere inconvenience; it’s a signal—time to gear up and tackle the problem head-on.

In the Trenches Let me tell you about Steve and Bill, two contractors who stood exactly where you might be standing now. They hit a slow patch, a lull that looked like it might stretch out into the horizon. Their tried-and-true methods, like Yelp, just weren’t cutting it anymore. The lull was setting in, and it was real.

Turning the Tables So, what did they do? They reached back, way back into their past projects, and pulled out a list of clients they’d worked with over the last two years. They looked for unfinished business, for those “we’ll get to it later” projects that never got done. They crafted a hit list—not of cold calls, but warm reconnections.

The Strategy That Delivers Their strategy was simple: personal postcards, direct emails, and friendly phone calls. And the result? The silence broke. The phone started to ring, and bids started to flow. Within six weeks, their calendar was booked solid for the next three quarters. The lull was defeated by action.

Your Action Plan Now it’s your turn. Dig into your own client list, find those opportunities, and reach out. It’s not about selling; it’s about reconnecting, reminding, and reigniting past relationships. And remember, there’s no room for “head trash”—every call you make, every note you send, is a potential lead waking up.

Let’s Break the Silence Click through to our video for an in-depth walkthrough of Steve and Bill’s approach. It’s more than a tutorial; it’s inspiration to get you moving, to turn that nagging worry into your next success story.

Watch, learn, and let’s get those phones ringing. Share this with your network, and let’s all rise above the lull together.

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