Let It Go!

As Elsa from Frozen sings in the acclaimed Disney Movie, Frozen… “Let it Go!”  Each year on New Year’s Eve I have a tradition of writing down all the things I want to let go of from the prior year.  My list includes regrets; things I didn’t do that I said I would do; mistakes; disappoints; frustrations; and limiting beliefs. It also includes the wins; accomplishments and successes for the year.  It is an opportunity to close a chapter and create a “launching off point”. Letting it all go is akin to jumping off the high wire – you have to let go of the first bar before you can reach the next one.

So I wrote my list, and then I burnt it.  What a great opportunity to hit the “reset” button.

As you are moving into 2015, what can you let go of?  Take five minutes right now and write down all the things you want to let go of from 2014 – it doesn’t have to be complete sentences, just words that capture the essence is fine.  Then burn it.  Let it go.  Done? Great – you just hit the “reset” button on your life.  Next week I’ll talk about planning for 2015.  For now – enjoy the freedom of this “new moment in time.”

Have an extraordinary day!






  1. Diane Gilson

    Great insights Vicki! As a management accountant, I’d like to add an additional “letting go” idea. This is a good time of year to get rid of recurring costs that may be lurking, hidden, in your finances (business or personal). By taking an hour or two to look through the details of your expenditures you may be able to “let go” of several products or services you’re paying for, but no longer using.

    As an example, if you can find several items that total $100 per month – that’s $1200 per year. You could earmark that money for fun (a vacation?) or savings (an emergency fund or retirement account?). By “cleaning your financial closet” and letting go of costs you don’t need, you lighten your load and gain greater financial freedom!

    • Vicki Suiter

      You make a good point Diane, letting go of the those things that are no longer useful to us makes more space for other things. It also creates a great sense of clarity about what we value and is important to us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dan McLennon

    Super thought. Sometimes we get so focused on what we feel like we need to be doing that we do not stop to think whether we really need to be doing it. The let it go process will force us to go through the value assessment. Thanks.