Managing Emotional or Challenging Clients

Often while doing an initial check-in with clients as our meetings begin, I hear tales of challenging projects.  Almost always they involve an emotional or indecisive homeowner, or a demanding client. It usually comes down to the contractor wishing the client would just trust them, let them do their job, and for heaven’s sake, just pick out what tile you want – otherwise this kitchen will never get finished!

While talking with my friend Ed Earl (affectionately known as the Zen Builder) about his approach to managing clients, I instantly thought – “gosh, my clients and followers could get huge value from hearing Ed’s approach to managing client relationships.” 

That day he shared with me his approach to circumventing those challenges. That conversation is what inspired me to interview Ed for this blog post. 

In the video Ed shares with us his strategies for understanding and managing the client relationship.  He provides some powerful insights that will help you AND your client have a better experience in the construction process. At the end of the video, Ed also shares a resource that will definitely help you create a better “win-win” on your next project!