Marketing Your Construction Business

Do you ever wonder what the “right” marketing approach for your construction business? Should you be doing SEO, or posting to Instagram, doing mailers, or upping Yelp reviews? There are so many choices, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know what is right for YOU.

Then there are those times when you’re super busy, and you don’t do any marketing until one day you look up and the work is drying up and you panic!

Sound familiar? There is another way…

First things first – have a strategy…

In my interview with marketing expert Spencer Powell with Builder Funnel, he emphasized the significance of aligning your marketing strategy with your company’s overall strategy. This involves identifying your ideal clients and the types of projects that best suit your team’s expertise and profitability.

Before diving into tactics, Spencer advises contractors to analyze past projects to determine where they’ve been most profitable and efficient. This self-assessment helps in identifying your target market and crafting a marketing strategy.

Turning ideas into an action plan…

To translate these insights into a tangible plan, Spencer suggests focusing on projects that align with your team’s strengths and interests, as well as those that yield the highest margins. This approach not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances customer satisfaction and referral rates. By consistently attracting projects that align with your strengths and goals, you can build a reputation for excellence and set yourself apart from competitors.

Once you know who you want to target, then you can understand better how to reach that target client. In this recording, Spencer shares great tips and strategies for how to do that. Also, make sure to check out his FREE website assessment tool and see how your website is working (or not) to help promote your business! You can get it here.

Final Thoughts…

In a nutshell, marketing strategy shouldn’t be a “shotgun” approach; it’s about aligning your business goals with your marketing efforts to attract the right clients and projects. By defining your niche, understanding who you best serve, and focusing on what sets you apart, you can create a sustainable marketing strategy that fuels long-term growth and success. Watch the video now and get ideas on how!

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