Navigating Difficult Conversations

Not sure how to get the client to sign that change order? Having a tough time getting that employee to work faster? This week I’m sharing an interview I did with Dominic Rubino about how to make having those conversations easier using a simple 4 step formula.

The formula:

Following this formula will give you more comfort in implementing change, AND, it will give you resources for overcoming resistance to the changes you are implementing.

Dominic and I role-play a few great examples of how to navigate a conversation that could otherwise be riddled with conflict.  One with a client about a change order, the other with an employee. As it played out both parties were feeling good about the results.

The Steps: Here are the steps we walk through and demonstrate:

Step #1 – Understand the other person’s perspective.  Specifically, from the perspective of what THEY are dissatisfied with.

Step #2 – Understand what their desired outcome is.  What will it look like when there is a solution in place?

Step #3 – Identify what the first step forward is.  What the next action that can be taken.

Step #4 – Be prepared to overcome their resistance.  Being well prepared with steps #1-3 above will absolutely help.

How to use this for yourself:

As you listen, notice how the dialogue brings about clarity, which allowed us to have more confidence in the next actions being proposed. 

Following these steps will provide you the structure of how to implement change in a hugely resourceful and powerful way.

At the end, Dominic shared an article he’s written titled “Find and Fix the 8 Profit Leaks on Your Contracting Business”  – get your copy for free.

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Dominic Rubino works with Woodworking Tradespeople like Architectural Woodworkers, Cabinet Makers, Furniture Makers and Joiners. Through the blog , articles, podcast and videos he has taught these businesses improvement tricks that Dominic has been teaching other shop owners for almost 2 decades… How to work less and earn more.