Outlast & Outshine the Competition

In my article, Outlast and Outshine the Competition, you’ll learn the secrets for coming out on top when the competition, prospects & clients are trying to knock you down.  Often cutting prices is the first strategy to win more contracts, but it could leave your company bankrupt!  Check out the highlights below, and check then out the whole article.

Secret #1: Be clear about where you are going cut costs before you consider cutting prices. Reducing prices without reducing costs will bankrupt your company.

Secret #2:  Give your prospects a good reason to do business with YOU. People like to do business with people they know and trust.  The best way to build trust with prospective clients is to behave in ways that show people they can count on you.

Secret #3:  Have a clear plan when you go into a meeting with a prospect. The more prepared you are, the more in control of the meeting you can be, and the more confidence your prospect will have in you.

Secret #4:  Ask questions that will give you & the prospect greater clarity about scope and desired outcome. Find out what’s not working and what’s important to them in your work together before you offer a solution to fixing their problem.

Secret #5:  Make it clear how much people love you! Let your customers do the talking for you by having great testimonials to share with prospects.

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