Project Schedules that Make You Money!

When three different clients told me about Robin and his brilliance around making money in scheduling, I knew I needed to interview him for my blog.  And I’m so glad I did.

For over 30 years Robin Beauchamp has been increasing profitability on his projects by employing an approach to scheduling that has been key to getting teams to stray focused, subs to show up when needed, clients to make decisions quicker, and design teams to stay on track.

In my interview, Robin shared how he keeps project teams aligned on goals, delivering on promises, and working as a cohesive team.  And he does it without having to cajole, threaten or throw anyone under the bus. 

Listen to today’s video blog and learn how you can make your projects flow more smoothly, and have your schedule make you more money!

It’s my sincere hope that this content helps you to grow, thrive and prosper in your business and in your life!



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