Resources to Help You Stop the Profit Bleed in Your Company


Bid Management Tools

Sales Management Tools

Production Management Tools

Financial Management Tools

Business Health Assessment Tools

Bid Management Tools

Start increasing profits by knowing the right numbers to use in bidding and increasing your certainty in pricing

  • Markup vs Margin Explained (PDF)

    This article will help you clearly understand the difference between these two terms. When you understand the difference between the two, you’ll be more strategic about how you do pricing to make a profit.

  • Markup vs Margin Chart (PDF)

    This chart will help you quickly see exactly how much you need to mark up to meet your desired margin.

  • Go Beyond Breakeven (PDF)

    Know the real cost of running your business, and how to ensure your pricing your projects to make a profit.

  • How to Calculate Employee True Costs

    Know the true burden cost of your employees. This resource is available through an associate of Vicki’s:

Sales Management Tools

Close more jobs and become the preferred contractor every time by controlling the sales process, tracking results, and building trust

  • The Sales Process Toolkit (PDF)

    This toolkit will help you get in control of the sales process, build trust with your prospect, and close more bids.

  • Bidding, Close Rate and Backlog Tracker (PDF)

    This tracking worksheet is designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your bidding volume and track your close rate effectiveness. It’s also a “crystal ball” that allows you to see if you will meet your revenue goals or not!  Included with this is an instruction sheet explaining exactly how to use this tool.

  • What to Track in Sales (PDF)

    Learn the few critical elements to track in sales to ensure you are going to meet your sales goals. This outline provides a list of the most critical feedback that will let you keep your finger on the pulse of sales results.

Production Management Tools

Control costs and your bottom line by using these tools to manage production effectiveness

  • Two Week Look Ahead Planner (PDF)

    The Two Week Look Ahead will help you keep your finger on the pulse of projects, have your field staff stay in front of short term deadlines, and ultimately stop cost and schedule overruns – before they happen!

  • Production Management Key Feedback (PDF)

    Keep your finger on the pulse of production by knowing the key pieces of feedback to manage to that will let you have projects come in on time, and on budget. This outline gives not only what reports to look at, but what information in them to look for.

Financial Management Tools

Set goals, and get timely and accurate feedback to get more control over your bottom line

  • Accounting Calendar (PDF) (Excel)

    Managing to an accounting calendar will ensure you’re getting feedback in a timely manner, thus giving you more control to preserve your profits. Included in this section is an example as well as an Excel sheet for creating your own calendar.

  • Financial Management Key Feedback (PDF)

    Knowing the critical feedback to manage in your finance department will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the financial health of your company. This outline gives not only what reports to look at, but what information in them to look for.

  • Cash Needs Summary (Excel)

    Keep your finger on the pulse of cash each week by using this Cash Needs Summary worksheet. This summary will give you a big picture view of your cash sources and needs for the upcoming week.

  • How to Read Financial Statements (PDF)

    Use your financial reports as a powerful management tool by knowing what key numbers to pay attention to. Using this outline will let you start to manage your company’s financial health in a whole new way.

  • Budget Goal Sheet (PDF)

    Get a big picture view of your financial goals for the coming year and plan for the profits you want to make in your business using this Budget Goal Worksheet.

Business Health Assessment Tools

Analyzing where your business is hemorrhaging, and stop the bleed by do using these simple tools to analyze your company’s financial health