Vicki Introduction

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Vicki Suiter has been helping people like you to get more out of their businesses — that is — More fun! More time! And, most importantly, more profit for more than two decades.

Vicki is a certified business coach and trainer, and a master certified NLP practitioner — which means she’s really good at getting in people’s heads and understanding how they think.

Her clients often say that while the conversations they have with Vicki are not always “fun” they are always helpful…especially when they start seeing the positive differences Vicki is able to help them make in their businesses.

Vicki had a very personal introduction to the construction industry — she was married to a contractor — who, like many of his kind, was not making the kind money he could have been making for the amount of effort he was putting in.

With her degree and business and finance, it wasn’t long before Vicki had turned his business around, and following that, began her career helping hundreds of others — individually and as part of the community: She served for over six year on the executive team for North Bay NARI. In 2011 she was named the NARI National Chapter President of the Year.

Today, in addition to her practice and speaking at events like this around the country, Vicki is working on her first business book entitled — Make Your Business Fit to Profit. I’m looking forward to reading that!

Now, here to tell us about _________________ please help me welcome Vicki Suiter.

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