Speaking Reviews

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We’ve got quite a diverse membership — from seasoned professionals to those just starting out — but Vicki left all of us with something of value. I heard several people say that they learned something they’d implement right away. I’d definitely recommend Vicki Suiter!

Abbie Emms

Director of Education, CQRID Interior Design Society

We thoroughly enjoyed Vicki’s presentation. Her seminar provided an excellent opportunity for us to ‘think outside the box’. We learned a great deal!

Rhonda Jackson

Los Angeles ASID Programs Chair, ASID, CID

Concise, specific and extremely helpful. I understand concepts and how to accomplish them now in a way I never did before, especially how to create systems.

Wendy Hoechstetter


Thank you very much for yesterday’s presentation. I felt that you gave me a new pair of eyes at which to look at my business. It was refreshing and unique to all of the other seminars that I have gone to in the past and very appropriate for where we are at now in the economy.

Katharine Webster

I appreciated your knowledge and delivery. It was very helpful and easy to follow. The Profit Cycle Diagram you provided makes good sense and was easy to follow. The Written Sales Process confirms we need to review and revise ours.

Charles Bentley

MSB Disaster Recovery Services

Presented in simple terms that were easy to remember and subsequently top of mind and easy to integrate in my practice immediately.

Cheryl Chenault


Vicki has reached and exceeded expectations for our group. She has been instrumental in helping us expand our appeal. Vicki has good solid content – wonderful material, great communication. She is a dynamite, dynamic speaker.

Jim Neely

Safety & Management Expo, Sacramento Builders Exchange

Superb presentation. Excellent info anyone can use NOW.

Chip Doyle

Consultant and Coach, Sandler Sales Institute

Wow Vicki – your presentation was GREAT!!!!  I can’t wait for the recording so I can forward it on to client of mine.  What you spoke about is EXACTLY the issues that are holding them back.

Kathy Gotzenberg

President, Construction Business Services, Inc., Kauai, HI

Feedback is just feedback – great message! This is a good reminder to things we sometimes stop as business gets crazy – need to get back to working on the business! Thank you!

Bernadetta Felli

The Restoration CleanUp Company

In these tough economic times, as many businesses struggle to stay profitable and cash flow abundant we all know it is critical to keep an eye on ‘key indicators’. Vicki’s presentation provided a wealth of great information that folks took away and started using imme- diately. Vicki is a dynamic and engaging speaker – which made the presentation that much more interesting!

Robert Leonard

Group Chair, Vistage International, Inc.

Vicki is always well-prepared, and shares lots of practical information. If better and more profitable business practices are the goal, Vicki’s seminars should be a requirement!

Lisa Jasper

SF Design Center Programs Coordinator, ASID, CID

Fabulous- very concise, specific and extremely helpful. I understand concepts and how to accomplish them now in a way I never did before, especially how to create systems.

Wendy Hoechstetter

Owner, Hoechstetter Interiors

Great Job Vicki!  The entire presentation hit home really hard.  I thought an hour was tons of time, but the info is so pertinent to every employer you can’t help but get stuck on some of the topics.

Joe Halsell

Construction Manager, Halsell Builders, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA

When Vicky Suiter spoke for our group, it wasn’t just the attendees who were interested in her presentation – the vendors and industry partners wanted her handout, too. It was clear she had done her homework. She understood our issues and geared her comments to us. She was open to our questions, and in addition to answering them, told us where to go for more information. I still hear people talking about her presentation!

Cindy Collins

Allied ASID Professional Development Director, ASID California Central/Nevada Chapter

Vicki Suiter’s breakout session, “How to be Profitable in Any Economy” was a big draw and got very positive response at our national conference. Our members, who are contractors, tell us what they want to learn about, and Vicki’s topic was at the top of the list. We’d definitely ask her back again!

Layla Nasouti

Event Manager, DKI Services Corporation

Great presentation- very good ideas that yield results- I needed this program to come up with a new plan and new goals.

Betty Ann Harrison

Your presentation at the IDS conference was excellent and I came back with renewed energy to build a more profitable business and you have armed me with some great tools.

Sandra D. Lundy

Secretary/Treasurer , IDS Interior Design Society