Stop Being Treated Like a Commodity!

​In a world that generally treats contractors like a commodity, how can you get treated with the respect you deserve?

In an interview I did last week with Dan Bauman of The Designer Show, I shared…

• How to shift the focus so your driving sales interactions
• How to stand out from the competition with a written Sales Process (I’ve shared my template for this below)
• How to get the respect you deserve, and stop being treated like a commodity
• And finally, how to close more deals with the RIGHT customers

As you watch this week’s video you’ll not only gain insights into how to stop being treated like a commodity and get into the driver’s seat in the sales process but also how to quickly build more trust with prospects and gain their respect.

In this video (and in the outline I share below) I show you how to craft a Sales Process that will allow you to do all that, AND, close more sales with the right customers.

You download my Sales Process Toolkit (PDF) and start driving the sales interactions.

Dan mentions my book, The Profit Bleed, in the video (thank you Dan!) – if you’d like a copy, you can order yours here.