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Keeping Our Word

When I was in my mid-twenties I thought I was pretty together. Outwardly it showed this way too. I worked full time as a lending officer at a large bank. I lived in a nice apartment in Los Angeles, and I had lots of friends. But inside I was anxious. I worried a lot, felt overwhelmed a lot of the time. It seemed I was always running behind. Whether it was taking too long to return a phone call, running late for work, or not doing something I had promised, it would weigh on me. I remember driving to work, racing down the freeway, and feeling rushed and hurried.  The conversation in my head would go something like this “Damn, why didn’t I wake up earlier? Why was I always waiting until the last possible second to leave the house? Why aren’t these cars moving faster?” About the moment I would realize I was going to be late, the stories would start to swirl in my head. The stories I would tell when I arrived at work about why I was late. More anxiety – now I have to make up an excuse for why I was late. Over time I could see that people didn’t appreciate, nor even listen to my stories of why I was late, the simple truth was that I was not keeping my word about showing up on time.  All the stories in the world wouldn’t change that.  (more…)

Questions are a gift

I often say that asking questions of people is one of the greatest gifts you can give another human being.  It give us two things – allows us to share what is important to us, and gives us greater clarity.  This week my friend and colleague Chip Doyle with Sandler Sales (one of the top sales training organizations in the US) published a newsletter that talks about how to powerfully ask questions in the sales process.  In the article (a one minute read) Chip gives some very specific ways you can ask questions that will help your customer and you get clear about what isn’t working, and what they would like, allowing you to provide better solutions and increase your odds of closing the sale.  Great read.

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Building Accountability Into the Culture – Key 2

Key 2 – Manage to objectives by being clear, direct and assertive rather than confrontational or aggressive.

key2People naturally want to do a good job. They want feedback when they are and when they are not performing to expectations. If someone is not doing their job satisfactorily, you must address it with them. This builds credibility and accountability in the business environment. When you are honest and direct with people about the facts of their performance, they are more likely to respect and trust you as a leader.


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