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What do you expect?

A couple of months ago, I asked a contractor I’d known for quite a while to do some plumbing at my house. I told him about the issues we were having and gave him a list of things we’d like to have improved.  We agreed to work on a time-and-materials basis. We’d buy the stuff – he’d put it in. Since we knew each other, we didn’t make any formal contract. Instead, we made a verbal agreement, and gave him the go-ahead to get started.

What started out in a good direction quickly went south. (more…)

Avoiding Conflict is a No-Win Decision (Part 2 of 5)

In our last post, we left Joe, the owner, and Fred, his manager, at odds over Joe’s need to implement processes and Fred’s unwillingness to support that decision.

While the quality of work on Fred’s jobs was good, profits began to decline. Joe became increasingly unhappy with Fred’s performance. However, he didn’t want to confront Fred and end up in an explosive conversation. Instead, he began to build a case against Fred, so he could have enough “evidence.”


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