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the 1st step to solving that project problem

When Jason posed the question below, I immediately wanted to jump in and solve his problem.

As I considered all the possible reasons he is experiencing this challenge on projects, I thought about all the possible issues that could be causing Jason’s problem.  “I’m the expert,” I thought – so I’d better give him a thorough answer!

Well – no.  At least not right away.  That’s when I remembered the first step in solving any problem . . . and I’d not yet taken that step.

Here is Jason’s question: “I’m struggling with the client experience during the project. The beginning is great, the end result is stellar, middle really sucks. What advice would you have to help?”

In today’s video, I talk about what the first step is to resolve any problem or breakdown, and what questions I asked Jason to allow me to best help him solve his issue.

Make sure to tune into next week’s video where you’ll learn how I helped Jason solve his problem/

Give today’s video a listen now (just 7 minutes) so you can begin using this 1st step in solving that problem you’re currently facing.

Connor asked, “should I bid by product or by services?”

frustrated person on the phone with hand on head

As a contractor do you ever struggle with trying to explain to a prospective customer the reasoning behind the pricing of a project?

Last week in the “just ask Vicki” series, a kitchen and bath remodeler (Connor) asked me this question on the subject:

“Would you recommend building our bids in terms of the “product” that the customer is buying (e.g., Bathroom Remodel, Kitchen Remodel) – or based on the actual “services” offered (e.g., demo, tiling, painting)?”

I love Connor’s question, and in the rest of his question, he actually answered his own question – in part, but there are two distinctions that as you read on, can help him (and you) find an easier path in the sales process. Here is what Connor adds to his question:


start getting paid what you’re worth!

Contractors are some of the smartest people I know, and yet, they rarely give themselves credit for the value and contribution they make, and this is often reflected in their prices, and in their bottom line.

Is this you? Is your bottom line not matching up with your worth?

In today’s video, I share the story of a client who went from being on the brink of bankruptcy to making more money than they ever dreamed possible, taking off 4-6 weeks a year and loving what they do again.

Discover what Alex and Joe did to turn their business around and how you can apply those same few key steps to your business and start getting the return you deserve and getting paid what you’re worth!

finding more ease in running your contracting business

As a contractor have you ever experienced that low level of angst and worry about how to maintain control over your business? And have you ever found yourself not being able to let go of work, even when you’re not working?

I get it – I lived with a painting contractor for years who operated from that place. The stress on him and our family was tough.

It was when Bill and I began brainstorming ways for him to know how he could stop worrying and let go of work when he wasn’t working that the answer became clear, and he started having more peace and ease in how he runs his business.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how I helped Bill and hundreds of other contractors over the past 25 years, change all that. You’ll discover one of the keys to having less angst and worry, and how to have more peace of mind and ease in running your contracting business.

get consistent team results – without constant follow-up

In a recent survey of contractors who were queried about their experience in managing a team, 73% said “my team is great, but I still need to be constantly involved in the day-to-day.”  They cited that the biggest reason for this was feeling like if they did not, things would fall through the cracks.

Can you relate?

Here is the good news – it does not have to be this way!  In today’s video, I share with you a few things you can do in your contracting business starting today to begin turning that around.  I do not just talk theory here – I give you the steps to help you overcome this problem in your contracting business.

Managing people can be hard work. Yet building great teams is so important to the success of your business.  I will show you a few things to shift in your management practices that will make all the difference.

This video is an interview I did with Kyle Hunt, host of the Remodelers on the Rise podcast – check it out – 15 minutes of pure solid strategy!

Make it a great day!



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