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3 Ways To Make Sure Your Employees Hate You (or not)

Every once in a while I meet a kindred spirit in the consulting world, Someone who inspires me, and who speaks to the things I’m passionate about.  Josh Patrick is one of those people.  As a business coach and consultant he has a strait forward style that is intriguing and engaging.  Josh is a great writer, who has a wonderful ability to make direct point, while making you laugh at the same time.  I asked him if he’d be willing to write a post for my blog and he graciously accepted.

Managing others is one of the biggest challenges I see leaders face.  In Josh’s article, he shares some great advice on how to shift how you interact with staff and ultimately, alter your experience.  Hope you enjoy.

Warmest, Vicki

There have been thousands of pages written about how to motivate your people.  They range from doing contests to just saying thank-you.  Although these are great things to read about my true belief is that you don’t really ever motivate anyone.  Motivation comes from inside: we motivate ourselves. (more…)

You decide

You Decide

The post below from Seth Godin stopped me in my tracks when I read it.  I recognized myself in his words.  I see how there have been times in the past when in an attempt to be a “yes” for customers I’ve allowed myself to do work that was not my passion, and  not where my greatest contribution is made. Is the work your doing in alignment with your greatest contribution? (more…)

Letting go of perfection

Is your commitment to perfection keeping you from making progress?

Do any of these sound like something you might do?

You got every penny right on a bid – but it meant the proposal was late, and you lost the opportunity to be awarded the job..

You’ve been working on that client request for referral letter for months, but haven’t sent it out because it’s just not “perfect.”

You were waiting for the perfect time to make that marketing call – but never found one.

Perfection can be debilitating. (more…)

Lighting Fires to Ignite Contribution

While talking with my brother Len recently he made the following observation / posed the following question “While freeing kid’s form issues of mechanics means they can create more, are they creating a greater quality of work, or do they simply just have more time on their hands?” His question struck me.

While talking with a client recently he mentioned that when they instituted cell phones as a technology to help improve communications on jobs and cut down on the amount of time spent trying to do downloads at the end of the day, the number of personal text messages skyrocketed the next month. The question here is when the employees had more time did they simply idle that time away or were they asked to come up with ways to better solve other problems? (more…)

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