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My Move to Kansas – The Struggle and Learning

When we had our first open house on March 15th and then were put under a “shelter in place order” on March 17th, I just assumed we’d be staying in California for at least another six months.

The universe had a different plan. 

A week after our first open house, with no more showings, we got an offer that was exactly the price we said we’d be delighted with, so we took it.

While I anticipated moving across the country would be an adjustment, I never thought these past four months would play out as they have.

Those first two months were filled with a flurry of packing, and helping clients navigate PPP borrowing along with the many other changes they were instantly facing with regards to their teams, and their bottom line.  I was grateful to be fully consumed with these projects as it barely allowed me to notice the fact that I couldn’t go anywhere or see anyone.

On May 16th my husband Tim and I flew from California to Kansas with our dog Nica, full of optimism and hope for finding and settling into a new home.  Tim is originally from Kansas, so for him settling in was easy – this is home.  For me, I instantly felt the press of being a stranger in a foreign land.  Not wanting to succumb to feelings of sadness and loss as I felt the distance and isolation from everything I knew, I kept myself very busy with client work and finding a place to live.

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking to myself “it will all feel more “normal” and I’ll be more settled when we’re in our new house and I can set up my office.”  And at the same time, I knew there was more to it.

The truth was, there was this sense of loss that went beyond leaving my office of 27 years or moving out of the state I’d lived in for 40 years.  There was something else stirring in me.

It wasn’t until after we moved into our new home, all the boxes were unpacked, pictures hung, yard mowed, and the first pot of sauce and meatballs made (cooking is one of the ways I nest 😊) that I realized that unsettled feeling was not going away.

It was time to face it head-on…


Clarity + Confidence = Control

It was a simple question… “How’s your year going?” As I watched his expression change and heard the strain in Bob’s voice as he spoke, the angst was palpable.

“Nearly a whole month of not being able to work on projects, and a slow start back, with unexpected setbacks dictated by circumstances out of my control, has taken its toll,” he said slowly.  His eyes reflected defeat.  As we talked it was evident Bob felt a lack of control in his business.

Almost every business owner I’ve talked with over the past two months can relate to this experience at some level.  (more…)

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