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Navigating Difficult Conversations

Not sure how to get the client to sign that change order? Having a tough time getting that employee to work faster? This week I’m sharing an interview I did with Dominic Rubino about how to make having those conversations easier using a simple 4 step formula.

The formula:

Following this formula will give you more comfort in implementing change, AND, it will give you resources for overcoming resistance to the changes you are implementing.

Dominic and I role-play a few great examples of how to navigate a conversation that could otherwise be riddled with conflict.  One with a client about a change order, the other with an employee. As it played out both parties were feeling good about the results.


Avoiding Conflict is a No-Win Decision (Part 3 of 5)

In our last two posts, we found Joe, the owner, and Fred, a manager, at odds over Joe’s need to implement processes and Fred’s unwillingness to support that decision. We discovered that while Joe made the right decision to install processes and systems to increase efficiency, he went about it in the wrong way.

The solution to effective change is communication!


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