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3 Proven Ways to Recruit Quality Employees

One of the biggest challenges I see contractors facing these days is finding qualified employees.

In this presentation I did for Contractors Success Academy, I shared 3 proven ways to recruit quality employees. In it, I share links to sites that have helped folks just like you find great employees.

If you’d like more resources and tools to help you recruit, interview, and onboard great employees, check out my “Managers Hiring Toolkit” and get a ton of great tools and templates that will help you hire right the first time.

If you’ve not subscribed to the Contractors Success Academy podcast, I encourage you to check it out.

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Attracting “A-Players” to work for you…

In a survey I did last week, I asked respondents where they would like to be more effective as a manager or leader.  45% said attracting and hiring “A-Players” to their team.

The complaint I hear a lot these days is “it’s tough to find good people to work for us – it’s an employees market.” 

That statement has me think back to 2009 when people were saying “it’s tough to find work these days – it’s a buyers’ market.”

While I fully appreciate the reality of supply and demand, this thought occurs to me…


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