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3 Ways To Make Sure Your Employees Hate You (or not)

Every once in a while I meet a kindred spirit in the consulting world, Someone who inspires me, and who speaks to the things I’m passionate about.  Josh Patrick is one of those people.  As a business coach and consultant he has a strait forward style that is intriguing and engaging.  Josh is a great writer, who has a wonderful ability to make direct point, while making you laugh at the same time.  I asked him if he’d be willing to write a post for my blog and he graciously accepted.

Managing others is one of the biggest challenges I see leaders face.  In Josh’s article, he shares some great advice on how to shift how you interact with staff and ultimately, alter your experience.  Hope you enjoy.

Warmest, Vicki

There have been thousands of pages written about how to motivate your people.  They range from doing contests to just saying thank-you.  Although these are great things to read about my true belief is that you don’t really ever motivate anyone.  Motivation comes from inside: we motivate ourselves. (more…)


So often we do things that we think we “have to” do. Truth is, we are in control of our own destiny.  We have the ability to change how things are.  The first step is to accept the fact that we are responsible for what we have created.  Responsibility, by definition, means “ability to respond.”

Is there something you want to change?

Make it an extraordinary day!


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Just Get it Done vs. Managing Results

One of the biggest factors that keep a small business from growing is the inability to train, delegate and let people make mistakes.  I know this not only because I’ve watched it happen to my clients for the past 25 years, but because I’ve also done it myself.

You’re really good at what you do – right?  You’ve been doing it for years, and have a lot of experience and expertise – right?  AND, when you want to make sure things are “done right”, it is often easier to just do it yourself.  After all, you’re faster and better at it than the people who work for you.  You might even contend that they don’t care about your business as much as you do, so it’s risky to give them the important things to handle.  It’s easier to hold onto the important stuff – right? Not really. (more…)

Keeping Our Word

When I was in my mid-twenties I thought I was pretty together. Outwardly it showed this way too. I worked full time as a lending officer at a large bank. I lived in a nice apartment in Los Angeles, and I had lots of friends. But inside I was anxious. I worried a lot, felt overwhelmed a lot of the time. It seemed I was always running behind. Whether it was taking too long to return a phone call, running late for work, or not doing something I had promised, it would weigh on me. I remember driving to work, racing down the freeway, and feeling rushed and hurried.  The conversation in my head would go something like this “Damn, why didn’t I wake up earlier? Why was I always waiting until the last possible second to leave the house? Why aren’t these cars moving faster?” About the moment I would realize I was going to be late, the stories would start to swirl in my head. The stories I would tell when I arrived at work about why I was late. More anxiety – now I have to make up an excuse for why I was late. Over time I could see that people didn’t appreciate, nor even listen to my stories of why I was late, the simple truth was that I was not keeping my word about showing up on time.  All the stories in the world wouldn’t change that.  (more…)

You Know More Than You Think You Know        

About a month ago I was rambling on to my business coach about how I was “second guessing” myself in how to structure a project we were discussing and she suddenly asked me “do you always follow a recipe when you’re cooking?”  Knowing that I have written a cookbook, and that I love to cook, she fully expected the answer to be no.  But it wasn’t.  I explained that in fact I usually do check the recipe before I begin cooking a dish, even the ones I know well.  Truth is, I get a bit fixated on “doing it perfectly.” She gently laughed and said “well I want to challenge you to cook without using a recipe for one whole week.”

That week has turned into a month, and with the exception of a few specific recipes my family asked me to make that I don’t know off the top of my head, I have been cooking without following a recipe.  Here is what I’ve noticed… (more…)

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