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How to Know if a Candidate is a Right Fit

When asked what their biggest frustration was, over 30% of managers surveyed said they wish they were better at hiring.

In the early stages of my career, I remember feeling that way as a manager.  I was hiring a lot of people who, in the interview, came across as a good fit., but once they started workingand we got past the honeymoon phase, it became clear they weren’t the right fit. It was super frustrating.

Can you relate?

It’s all too easy to hire the wrong person. You quickly size up the candidate, you think of yourself as a good judge of character, and your busy, so you can’t take all day getting to know someone.

But those mistakes in the hiring process affect your bottom line in lost production and inefficiencies. Also, it costs $25,000 or more on average to turn over a new employee. 

I learned from my early mistakes and in the process, I created a hiring and on-boarding process that is proven (by not just me but hundreds of clients) to get much better qualified and long-term employees.

In today’s video (and in the text below) we’ll talk about how you can get more insight into whether a candidate is the right fit, has the right skills, and will succeed in the job for years to come.

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8 Strategies to help you find great employees

The one thing every manager and leader I know can agree on is that it’s tough to find good people to hire these days.  Particularly in construction – an industry that doesn’t seem to hold much interest for younger people.

In this weeks video blog I share with you 8 ways to find qualified candidates, and tips that can help you “think outside of the box.”  At the end of the video I even share with you a special resource that will help you get other people to help you find great candidates too – at no cost to you.

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