The Benefit of the Doubt

Often I find myself talking with clients about how their thinking influences their behavior, which ultimately drives results.  One of the places I’ve often seen the negative effects of limited thinking is in the sale conversation.  People thinking that they can’t charge more because “people don’t’ want to pay that much” or “people tell me my mark-up is too high” or “I don’t want to price myself out of the market”.  I say – what if it wasn’t any of those things?

What if it’s actually your thinking that is getting in the way?  What is the environment you create that gives people confidence in what you do and let them know they are getting value commensurate with what they pay?  Change your thinking – change your results!

The Quote below is from Seth Godin – a true thought leader. Seth speaks eloquently about this very topic.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if your work stood on its own?

That design, that bit of writing, that piece of craft–what if what you did was judged solely on the merits, if the people engaging with your work saw it for precisely what it was…

Or consider the doctor, able to heal people merely by providing precisely the right treatment on just the right day.

Or the lawyer, winning the case because she presented the most cogent, rational argument.

Doesn’t work that way.

The crowd likes the songs from the singer they came to hear, not the unknown opening act. The patient responds to medicine when he believes in the doctor who prescribes it. The client is far more likely to applaud your work if he’s already put down a big, non-refundable deposit.

A huge part of making our work more effective is creating the environment where we will be given the benefit of the doubt. Often, creating this environment is at least as important as the work itself.

The benefit to both sides is huge. Doubt is the project killer, and investing in diminishing that doubt is time well spent.”

Stop doubting yourself – start believing in you and the value you bring.  This is the first step to building sustainable success.

Have an extraordinary day!


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  1. rich

    I was a skeptic of this way of thinking and I was always in the hole, always asking where is all the money? Vicki thank you for teaching me that we bring is Value with our services and products, When a tough client wants your services but is asking for a lower price just tell him/her that if the factory is willing to come down you may be able to help but You, “We” are a for profit company. At the same time you working on coaching each individual on the team to the results the two of you agreed upon.