Three Part Succession Planning Mini-Series: Part 2 – How to successfully succeed your business to the next generation

Succession Planning Mini-Series Part 2 of 3: “Lessons from Louis…”

Like many family-owned companies, it was just an assumption from the time Louis came on board (after a stint in the hotel industry) that he would take over one day, but they, unfortunately, failed to plan anything out for the first few years…

In fact, it took several years to make a clear decision together that he would take over the business.

In hindsight, Louis said it would have kept things simpler and helped save money if they had sat down for those conversations much earlier.

If the thought of transitioning your business to the next generation sounds scary or impossible, part 2 will open your eyes to the good, the bad, and the sometimes, yes, even the ugly, reality of being in business with family.

In this highly informative interview, Louis shares the details of how his parents successfully succeeded the business to him and gives a candid look at what worked, and what didn’t.

And to help you save time and avoid as much frustration as possible, Louis generously shares his powerful 12-point checklist of the proven strategies they used to help make it all successfully come together.

Whether you’re looking to simply work less in your business, or transition it to the next generation, building systems that can sustain success in your absence is key.

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