Why It’s SO Important to Double Check your Overhead Breakeven Percentage

WARNING: That number you are currently using for your breakeven percentage may be off (and it is costing you dearly)!

A few weeks back, I asked a new client and their controller if they knew their overhead breakeven percentage.

They assured me they did, but when I asked them to show me the figure they were using, it was the wrong number!

We were all shocked, and at the same time, it explained so many things about why they were not making more profits on their bottom line.

These are two very smart people with many years of experience and a fairly large contracting business, with over 30 employees, and over $10M a year in revenue, so not just some wet-behind-the-ears startup…

…And that’s why I’m sharing this information with you today because this can happen to anyone.

It’s not enough to “think” you have everything correct and locked – you must, know for a fact, because…

Working with bad data when you’re trying to run your construction business is like trying to saw wood with a dull blade – it’s painful and can hurt you.

In this week’s video I not only explain how to properly calculate the RIGHT overhead breakeven percentage, but you’ll also discover some timely insider tips for bidding to cover that cost, without having to show the whole number to your clients.

It reduces “sticker shock” to your customers when you build those costs into your bid as line items.

Watch the video to the end to discover a powerful, time-saving FREE resource you can download to calculate your business’s correct overhead breakeven percentage.